Every disciple is on a journey. Jesus said, ‘Come, follow Me” (Mark 1:17) It is a constant journey that shapes every moment of every day. It transforms us to be more like Jesus in our thinking, character and actions, advances Jesus’ gospel mission in the world– and eventually leads us Home with Jesus forever…

The journey with Jesus is personal. Every Christian is to take responsibility to pursue all of life as a gospel-centered disciple of Jesus.

But the journey with Jesus is not private. Jesus designed our lives to be transformed at the intersection of God’s gospel truth, the world in which we live– and deep relationships with other Christians. You and I need friends who are committed to help us take the next step in our journey with Jesus by partnership, encouragement and accountability.

Who are you sharing the journey with? Through our ABFs we learn God’s Word and make friendships. Through our small groups, we are “living hope…together”.

Contact me (david.head@lhbg.org) and get started discovering friends who will help you live the Jesus journey with freedom, joy and faithfulness.