The summer is a great time to connect deeper into the life of the church and also with your neighbors.

Looking over the church calendar, I see a lot of activity, but I also see some openings. The children and students are going to be very busy with camps and mission trips. We also have mission teams going to Africa and China and the Family on Mission Trip to Indiana is taking place as well. Where I see an opening is on Sunday nights. With our children programs and Equip Classes taking a few weeks off, Sunday nights would be a great time for being out with neighbors.

Please use your Sunday nights in the summer for ministry. Think of how your discipleship group could get together, but also how you could invest time in getting to know your neighbors. There are so many in our city who have a connection to a church, but who do not attend and do not have a vibrant relationship with Jesus. It may be that God could use you to open their eyes to the opportunity to worship with a vibrant family of faith like Living Hope and or to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus. It may be that they do not have a relationship with Jesus. Maybe you could share The Story and talk with them about the Rescue of Christ.
Another great way to engage your neighbors is by hosting or participating in a Backyard Bible Club. This simple, but effective, outreach is an easy and fun way to share our hope and also get to know our neighbors. Contact the Children’s Office for more information of how you can live on mission by serving God through a Backyard Bible Club this summer.