There are some scheduling changes on Wednesday and Sunday night that everyone needs to be aware of.

As far as Wednesday Night Worship goes, we are going to worship on August 6 and 20, September 10 and 24, October 22, and December 10.  Please notice that in September, October and December, we will meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday instead of the 1st and 3rd Wednesday. We changed the schedule to provide for the church-wide Small Group Study, Resolving Everyday Conflict, that we will be doing. Due to school schedules, it provided us the best opportunity to get the study completed before Thanksgiving by moving Wednesday Night Worship to the 2nd and 4th Wednesday.

You might wonder why we are only meeting once for Wednesday Night Worship in October and December and not at all in November. This is because the second Wednesday in October is Fall Break and most of our people are gone during that week. In November, we will be hosting the Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting and also a Women’s Conference, both during the second week; and the fourth week is Thanksgiving. In December, the 4th Wednesday is Christmas Eve. We will have two great services that evening, but they will not be Wednesday Night Worship Services. We will enjoy our wonderful Christmas Eve Services!

As far as Sunday night, the Sunday Night Stuff children’s program, Sunday Night at the BRIDGE, and Adult Equip classes will launch on Sunday Night October 12th, which is after Fall Break. They will occur every Sunday through November 16th.

The Students will begin meeting in their small groups on Campus beginning on September 7th. This will allow parents with multiple children from having to travel all over town to get their kids to their group. The students will all gather in the Connection Center at 5:30 – Middle School in one section and High School in another section –  and hang out for about 15 minutes and then go to their groups. The Middle School will head to the basement and the High School will go to the Student Center. Each teen needs to bring $2 to cover dinner. We will usually have pizza and coke and parents are welcome to send cookies and snacks.

The big focus this fall will be training our congregation in Resolving Everyday Conflict. This training will occur in your small groups beginning in September and lasting through October. If you are not in a small group, we encourage you to sign up  to join one of our special Resolving Everyday Conflict groups that will meet for 5 sessions near your part of town. Sign up at the Dugout or at We could also use a few more hosts for these groups so if you’d like to explore that, contact Pastor David Head at

As we enter into this fall, and also the last lap in our study on Peacemaking in the Gospel of John, we will focus on the importance of being the church God called us to be and the people of faith that Jesus died to make us. God has called us to serve a cause greater than ourselves. It is truly a privilege. As we serve Jesus and go through life, we will face tough times. During those dark days, Jesus will give us peace.

Please be in prayer for our church family and ask God to make us true Peacemakers who live by faith and overcome life’s challenges by trusting in Jesus.