One of the toughest things to determine in life is NOT what is good and what is bad. The toughest thing to determine is what is good and what is best.

As you know, the world is changing. The needs of the people and the beliefs of the people of our city and world have radically changed in the last five years. Realizing this, the church has to adjust so that the message of the Gospel can be best heard, received, and lived. We cannot change what we believe. We are bound by Biblical authority. We can change how we live out those Biblical demands in order to best serve God’s purpose.

Right now we have a team of leaders praying through what is best for Living Hope. We know we are called to worship together as a family of faith. We know we are called by God to be disciples who are growing in God’s grace and making disciples who make disciples. We know we are called to serve and take the Gospel next door and to the nations. The question is, how can we best do that?

There are thousands and thousands of churches in the world and each one is unique and has a special purpose of God. There are certain things that all churches do, but the way each church fulfills the Biblical mandate of what it means to be the church is different.

Please be in prayer for God to give us a clear vision and direction for how we can be the best church God made us to be in light of the city, nation, and world we live in. How we describe what we do. What we value and prioritize. What we measure and hold ourselves accountable for. How we structure our leadership and ministries. How we describe the hope of what we believe God wants us to be. All of these are important. Words create worlds and the way we say what we are and do has a direct impact on the outcome.

Please be in prayer and anticipate God revealing to us a three to five year plan that we can rally around and pursue as a unified family of faith. We plan to share these ideas with the church early next year. The most important thing any of us an do right now is pray. Pray for God to bless His church. Pray for God to unify us in His love. Pray for God to save sinners. Pray for God to raise up leaders. Pray for God to make us holy. Pray for God to be glorified by who we are and what we do as a church.