Receiving news that a company has an interest in purchasing the land on Lovers Lane has been a huge encouragement and reminder that God always provides in His time and for His purpose. As Tool Time Todd and Shawn Perry, chairman of the trustees, shared just a few weeks ago in our worship gathering, God has provided amazing facilities for us and the capacity to impact our city and make more disciples. The debt we entered into never prohibited us from doing ministry, but it does keep us from doing all that we can do.

While we do have a contract on the land, there are still a number of hurdles that the buyer will have to navigate. Please be in prayer for this process. Pray that we will be able to close on the land. Pray also that God will provide additional means through His people to pay off the remaining debt.

In light of the possibility that we could be debt free and in light of the report we received last year that in the last decade Warren County has gone from 20% to only 14% of its population involved in a weekend worship gathering, the elders began to pray that God would show us how we might join Him in helping turn the spiritual tide of our city and leverage the ability of Living Hope to help people become disciples of Jesus. We have begun praying and talking about how Living Hope could reach 1% of the county. That would be just over 1,000 people.

With the help of an outside resource a team of leaders has been at work with me since May to determine a clear vision for how we can reach that goal. We are almost done with that process and plan to begin to share this God-given, God-sized, God-dependent vision with the church. There are still a lot of details to pray and talk through, but there are some obvious choices that we as a church are going to have to make.

We are going to have to get more people involved in making disciples, as a part of their normal every-day life. Our entire membership must actively be pursuing relationships with people not walking daily with Christ to help guide them to saving faith and active membership in the church. The discipleship process we use must be simple and effective for getting people connected to Jesus and in a small circle of friends who help each other pursue Christ. As a multi-generational congregation, we must have every age group engaged in being the church and living out our calling.

In light of this need we are going to make 2015 the year of HOPE! This year has been the year of PEACE and we have seen God work miracles in people’s lives. Next year we are going to focus our energy and efforts around what it means to be anchored in HOPE and how we can provide the anchor of hope we have in Jesus to every generation in our world that is ever changing.

Please commit to praying daily for God to enable us to be of use to Him in turning the spiritual tide in Bowling Green by allowing us to give more hope to more people and see thousands of lives and hundreds of families come to receive the love of Jesus and be transformed by the Gospel.