Please take a moment and read the following statement from Pastor Jason regarding the ebola outbreak…

As most of you know, our world is currently dealing with the deathly reality of the Ebola virus. I do not know much about it, but I do know that it is a very serious disease and the world is beginning to take it very seriously. The area of the world that is most under duress from this virus is West Africa.

This is a part of the world that is very dear to the heart of Living Hope. We have members who serve as missionaries there and we, as a church family, have faithfully been sending small teams for years to partner with those missionaries to take the Gospel to unreached and unengaged villages. We had a team scheduled to leave in the next few weeks to go and serve there.

It is with a disappointed heart that I share the news that this team will NOT be able to go. Although there are no cases of the disease being in Niger, that area of the world is considered highly at risk. The threat of one of our team members being infected in route to Niger or back home is real. In light of that potential danger to those team members and to our city, we cannot send them at this time.

Please be in prayer for West Africa and the many people facing not only a deathly disease, but an eternity absent the love of God. Pray for our missionaries and our many brothers and sisters who are there sharing the hope of Christ. Pray that many will come to believe and that new churches will be planted and God’s Kingdom would expand.

-Pastor Jason Pettus