Congratulations go to Phillip and Becca Myers on the birth of their son, Wesley Bennett, born 9/11/14.

Congratulations go to Nadia and Kevin Brassell on the birth of their son, Miller Nash, born 10/13/14.

Congratulations goes to David and Casey Stephens on the birth of their daughter, Ally Jean, who was born 10/28.


Our sympathies go to Anita Madison and Billy in the passing of her mother, Lula Marie Clark. Ms. Clark passed away on 10/21.

Our sympathies go to Keith and Leslie Simpson in the recent passing of his mother, Louise Simpson.

Our sympathies go to Sam and Sheila Flener in the passing of his father, Osburn Flener, 10/25/14. He was also the grandfather of Samantha Baker and Sarah Flener.