I know that God is doing what He promised He would do when His people pray and dare to share the hope of the Gospel. This past week, I heard about a miracle that had taken place. For the last several months I have joined Mark Gilliam in praying for someone very dear to him to come to saving faith. Well… God has answered that prayer!

I asked Mark to share the story for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it gives honor to God. Another reason is that I hope it inspires each of us to be faithful to pray and to share the hope we have in the Gospel of Jesus with the people where we live, work, learn, and play.

My wife and I had prayed for her mother’s salvation for years but, honestly, at times we had not been as intentional as we should have been about having Gospel conversations with her. Then in May of last year those prayers took on a real urgency as her mother suffered a massive heart attack. She actually coded twice. My wife and I thought of all of the opportunities that we had squandered. We prayed for her to be healed to have another opportunity to share the gospel with her and for her to be saved. Thankfully God saw fit to bring her through the heart attack and to give us another opportunity to share the gospel. She began to come to church with us and hear that Gospel preached weekly and God began to do a work.

On January 25 at the end of the worship service, she shared that she had trusted in Christ recently and just didn’t know how to tell us. What a miracle! He not only healed her heart physically by allowing her to make a dramatic recovery from her heart attack, He also gave her a new heart altogether by calling her to salvation.

We are so thankful that God heard the prayers of his people and through the power of the Holy Spirit brought salvation. My encouragement to you is this: share the gospel. Be intentional, never give up, never waste an opportunity, pray with urgency, pray specifically, and pray with expectation. Our God is so good. To Him be the glory!

Please be in prayer for those who are dying without Christ. Ask God to give you a heart that is compelled to share the hope you have. Ask God to do the miracles of rebirth in the life of each person you are sharing the Gospel with.

Don’t forget the very helpful app you can use on your smart phone, tablet, or ipad. It uses the very simple 3 circles that allows you to go from sharing “The Story” to leading someone to anchor their life and hope in Jesus. The app is called “Life On Mission.” You can get more information online here at http://lifeonmissionbook.com.

May God bless each of us as we pray and share the hope we have. And may God bless us to live hopeful and be helpful as we seek to lead more people to anchor their life and hope in Jesus.