Easter is right around the corner. I know with all of the snow we have had recently, it’s hard to imagine. But it’s true. Easter is just a few weeks away!

Easter is one of those special times of the year when so many of our families and friends who do not believe in Jesus or attend church every Sunday are willing to come and be a part of worship. Please begin to take time now to pray for those you plan to invite. And please go ahead and begin to make your invitation.

We are going to have 4 services this year. We will gather on Thursday night at 7 pm and on Sunday morning at 8, 9:30, and 11.

I realize that some of you and maybe those you would invite will be leaving for Easter weekend to be with family or go on spring break. The reason we offer the Thursday night service is so that you can come and bring lost and unchurched family and friends.  If you are going to be gone Easter weekend, please don’t miss the Thursday night service and be sure you bring family and friends with you.

If you plan to attend on Sunday morning, be strategic about it. The 9:30 service is the most crowded. Every year, we have people sitting in the lobby. That is not what we want to do, but it is what we have to do. We sure do not want that to be the experience of a guest. If you can, attend at either the 8 or 11. If you are bringing a guest, maybe go out for brunch after the 8 or lunch after the 11.

If you are coming to the 9:30 and bringing a guest, come early. If you end up getting turned down and do not have anyone to bring with you on Easter, please attend at either 8 or 11.

This year, the message will be “Hope Is Alive!” We are going to celebrate the fact that our hope is Jesus and Jesus is alive. On Palm Sunday, we are going to get the series revved up talking about what it means to believe that fact. On Easter Sunday, we are going to focus on the power of God to give New Life to any who believe. On the Sunday after Easter, we are going to focus on what it means to belong to a church family that believes in the resurrection of Jesus.

My prayer is that we will see God move our hearts and bring salvation to many of the people we love and care about and are praying for.

Speaking of prayer, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was that Hope Together, our monthly prayer gathering on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, was snowed out in February. We will gather on Wednesday night, March 18th to Hope Together and to pray for our city, our upcoming Easter services, and some of our key ministries and mission partners. We will be reminded of what the Bible says about prayer and be inspired to ask God to do miracles.

This is the year of HOPE! So please LIVE HOPEFUL & BE HELPFUL and lead others to anchor their life and hope in Jesus.