Read: Acts 8:12, 26-39, Romans 6:3-4

Reflect: Baptism by immersion is the right response to a believing encounter with Jesus and His gospel. The Ethiopian official heard and believed the good news Philip told about a suffering Lamb who was a sacrifice for sin. Philip then explicitly followed Jesusí command to “make disciples . . . [and] baptize them.”

Why do you think Jesus chose water baptism? It is a certainly a symbolic act that represents the new believer’s movement from death to life with Christ. Out of hell-bound death, a soul rises with unquenchable, unfettered, and a heaven-sure life. Every baptism displays a miracle: Jesus rose from the dead – and raises the dead!

But there’s more. Baptism is an open, public identification with Christ. It is a declaration of allegiance to King Jesus and a renouncing of all others. It signals an individual’s intent to gladly align all of life with His purposes and submit to His authority in all things.

As Jesus came into Jerusalem that final week, He wept, brokenhearted over people who reduced, rejected, and refused Him. They distanced themselves from Him and proved they had no relationship with Him. Later, Peter cursed and denied even knowing Him. Baptism does the opposite; it displays our relationship with the King and defines the trajectory of our life.


  • Have you been baptized following conversion? If not, why? If so, what is your most precious memory of that moment?
  • How can you openly identify with Jesus and/or declare your glad allegiance to Him where you live, work, learn, or play this week?

Pray: Jesus, I belong to You. You are my good Redeemer and King. Help me live this week so people know I’m Yours – even when it’s uncomfortable or costly.

Global Hope: Pray that the people of Fargo, ND will trust & identify with Jesus.