As we enter into the spring and start making a mad dash for the summer, it is important to keep your spiritual life in order and maintain a clear focus on the Lord and His work in your life, in your family, and in the church. When the weather gets warm, it’s easier to make plans that push God’s agenda to the side. While gathering for worship once a week, spending time in the Word and prayer each day, and sharing the Gospel by living hopeful and being helpful may seem unimportant at times, these activities create a life of faithfulness and fruitfulness in the long run.

Take some time in the next week and outline spiritual goals through August. Don’t get too complicated. Keep it simple. Get a piece of paper and write down how many Sundays you will be in worship being mindful of potential trips. Write down who you are going to share the Gospel with and be praying that the Lord will save them. Write down how many times you will get alone with God each week for Bible study and prayer. And then keep track of your activity.

By August, it will be interesting to see what God has done through your faithfulness.

Over the summer, Living Hope is going to have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful preaching. Having been given a sabbatical this summer for a few weeks, I have lined up several men to come and preach. Some of these men are personal friends and mentors. Others are national leaders.  Scott Patty from Grace Community Church will be with us June 21st. Frank Page is the President of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. Hershael York, Professor of Preaching at Southern Seminary and pastor of Buck Run Baptist, will be with us on July 5th. Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, who was with us a couple of years ago will be with us again on July 12th. Al Mohler, President of Southern Seminary, will be preaching on July 19th.

Then I will be back on Sunday, July 26th raring to go!

While I am away, I will ask for you to be in prayer for me and will provide a prayer guide. I will be praying for you every day, as I seek to rest and discover ways God is at work in different churches I plan to visit.

Over the next couple of months there is a lot of work to be done. The leadership is working hard to implement a clear strategy that will enable us to reach 1% of Bowling Green. Our prayer is that we will not merely see people show up to church, but that we will see hundreds of families anchor their life and hope in Jesus and begin to Worship, Connect, Serve, Equip, and Multiply their personal faith.

It is a vision only God could accomplish and I believe He is going to do it. He has called us to join Him in this work. So please be praying for revival.

Live hopeful and be helpful.