Read: Psalm 95:6, Isaiah 6:1-8

Reflect: In our day, awesome is an overused word applied to everything from apple pie to a top ten play on ESPN to a new car. But, of course, if everything is awesome then nothing is. In its truest sense, awesome carries the sense of awe-full; encountering something that stuns us with overwhelming wonder, curiosity, comfort, joy, or fear. Awe makes us small.

Isaiah saw God as He is: “holy, holy, holy.” Not as a superhero human, but simply “other:” blinding in purity, overwhelming in power, unfailingly just and true, unrelenting in love and mercy, and utterly unlike anyone else on earth. That vision left Isaiah awe-struck – feeling small, yet soul-desperate for this God.

If awe is missing from our life, we can become cynical, prideful, and earth-bound people. Why? We’re built to worship and delight in God above all things. So when Mary broke her alabaster vial of precious perfume to anoint Jesus a few days before his death, it was an act of extravagant and grateful awe over who Jesus was and how His mercy had transformed her. The fragrance of her awe-focused attention on Jesus spread through the house, beckoning others to worship Him, too.


  • Are you a worshiper of God, or do you simply attend worship services?
  • What aspect of Jesus and His gospel fills you with grateful awe?

Pray: Lord, You are lovely beyond my words and larger than my imagination. Still, I want to know You more and live to make much of You today.

Global Hope: Pray that the people of East Asia would become worshipers of Jesus.