Read: Mark 10:45, John 13:3-17

Reflect: Sometimes the needs of people are not profound. Open-sandaled feet on dirt roads traveled by animal-drawn carts can get dirty – and stinky – pretty fast. Since meals were taken in a reclining position, those feet really needed to be washed. Simple. But who would do the washing? That’s the sort of bottom-rung tasks that unskilled slaves do. They bow to the work, and no eye contact is made. Foot-washing was experienced; the foot-washers were ignored.

But in that upper room, no slave appeared. And no disciple moved. Their eyes were on thrones, not toes. So, Jesus – eternal, King of Glory, God-with-Us, “in Him all things hold together” Jesus – took the water and the towel and knelt before the first disciple. Was it Judas?

Not one was left out. Twenty-four feet were cleaned. All were refreshed. All were valued. All were pressed to face their need honestly and saw it met completely by Jesus. Don’t you guess they kept their eyes glued on Him?

Serving others in Jesus’ name usually doesn’t involve feet. But still there are hearts, bodies, souls, families, relationships, injustices, hurts, griefs, and disappointments that cry to be washed clean with the living water of Jesus.

But somebody has to kneel.


  • When were you aware of being served by the hands of Jesus through another person? How did that strike your heart and soul?
  • Is there a need in your world that must be served, but you have ignored?

Pray: Lord, You humbled yourself to serve and cleanse me. Open my eyes to people in need, humble my heart, and bend my knees to serve You in them.

Global Hope: Pray that the people of inner-city Atlanta will be loved and have their life needs served so well that they see and turn to Jesus.