Read: John 14:12-21, 25-29; John 16:16-24, 31-33

Reflect: Easter Saturday is marked by the already and not yet. Already Jesus has been crucified; not yet has He been raised. So, among the disciples, there was a sense of uncertainty about everything. Questions had no answers: Why? Who are we? How? What next? Without Jesus, they were paralyzed. Hidden in a locked room. Invisible.

What do you think they did all day? They wept. Listened for soldier’s footsteps on the stairs, or froze, wide eyed with fear at a knock on the door. They wrestled nightmares in the daylight over their own crucifixion.

But like any grieving family, they also may have told Jesus-stories. When it got quiet, they tried to remember what His voice sounded like. Maybe they tried to recall everything He taught them in those final precious hours in the upper room. Jesus had told them that He was going away, that sorrow would be chased by joy, that He was preparing a place for them, and that the Comforter would come.

And astonishingly, He also promised the disciples that they would do even greater things than He had done. Really? Greater than feeding 5,000, or healing a blind man, or calming a storm, or raising a dead man? Crazy talk. How is that even in the realm of possibility?

“Whatever you ask in My name, this I will do . . .”

Let us pray.


  • What do you do when Jesus feels absent to you?
  • What two or three things are you praying for that have no possibility or explanation unless Jesus does them?

Pray: Jesus, Your promises are larger than my shadows. I want to believe You when I cannot see, to pray beyond my imagination, and to look for sunrises at midnight.

Global Hope: Pray that the people of southern Europe would be drawn out of their heart of darkness to Jesus’ promise of light and joy.