Read: Luke 24:36-49, Acts 1:6-11

Reflect: The resurrection changes everything.

Death exits and life enters. Darkness fades and light shines. Guilt drains from hearts and forgiveness fills them. War with God ends and reconciling peace emerges. Enemies become family. Sadness comes untrue and joy defines our moments. Brokenness is healed and restoration begins. Old is gone and the new transforms.

Despair flees and Living Hope opens His welcoming arms to all who come.

The promise and power of Christ’s resurrection is available to every person – no matter their mess or how deeply dysfunctional they are, no matter how recklessly they have lived, or how stubborn they have been in their niceness.

The resurrection confirms that any person can anchor their life and hope in Jesus and be confident that He will hold for time and eternity.

The God of the ages is still on a search and rescue mission. He is passionate to reach, forgive, and bring more souls from death to life by His Son, Jesus. His heart is for a multitude to gather around Jesus’ throne and celebrate His grace forever.

The only way to get a multitude of the redeemed on that day is to multiply more of the redeemed in these days. The Father’s plan is that those who already have Jesus’ life will be the heart, hands, voice, compassion, and pleading of Jesus to those who have yet to trust Him. That we will be “Jesus with skin on” to the people all around us every day.

In other words, the resurrection of Jesus was never the end of hope. It is the beginning.


  • What dead part of you has been transformed by the fact that there is such a thing as resurrection morning?
  • Who do you know who needs the sure hope of Jesus today? Tell them – today.

Pray: Lord Jesus, You are alive and my heart rejoices! You have defeated the grave, rescued me from death, and welcomed me to enjoy Your life and hope forever! Help me share this good news with someone this week!

Global Hope: Pray that the 1% of the unreached in Bowling Green will encounter the good news of Jesus through gospel conversations with Living Hope members – like you!