As we enter into May, we come into the last month before summer time fun begins. While there are a number of BIG things coming this summer, we need to keep focus on what lies directly ahead of us. There are a number of things that need to be saturated in prayer. First, we need to be mindful of our Sunday morning worship gatherings. We are working through 1 John chapter 2, learning how “Hope Is Sturdy,” and discovering how to apply the power of the Gospel and the promises of God in our every day lives so that we live victoriously through Christ.

We also have two big celebrations coming up. One is on Sunday, May 10, which is Mother’s Day! Not only will we honor the women who have made such incredible sacrifices to care for their children, we will covenant with families who will come before the church with their children promising to raise them in the instruction of the Gospel. These families will share their commitments to be Godly parents and we, as a church family, will commit to do all we can, as their church family, to help their children come to saving faith.

We have a number of high school graduates this year. On Sunday, May 3, we will celebrate this major milestone in their life. It is always a joy to see them and be reminded of how far they have come. It often brings tears to my eyes because I can remember the day when many of them were baptized and many other key moments in their lives. We will pray for them and ask God’s blessing on their futures.

Second, we need to be mindful of our need to pray together. On Wednesday, May 20, we will gather for Hope Together. This is our monthly fellowship and prayer time. The spirit of the first two meetings in March and April was wonderful. Be sure and purchase your meals online so the cooks can prepare. The meal begins at 5:30 and our time of prayer and study follows at 6:30.

I also want you to begin to pray and prepare for the summer. Not only will we see hundreds of children attend camps and hundreds more participate in Back Yard Bible Clubs, we all will also have many opportunities to share our hope in Christ. We are never more hopeful and helpful than when we are letting those who are not living with and for Jesus understand how Jesus has been gracious to us and how He is at work in our lives.

Beyond personally sharing and building friendships with those who need Jesus, we can also bring them to worship with us so that they can experience the gathering of God’s people and hear the Gospel in song, prayer, and preaching. This summer, Living Hope will be the location for what is arguably the best preaching in the world. I will be out for a few weeks and while I am gone, the men who will stand and deliver God’s Word are divinely gifted. Here is the schedule. You won’t want to miss a single Sunday, and this will help you as you are inviting friends to attend worship with you.

Sunday, June 14: Pastor Rick White, served First Baptist in Franklin, Tennessee, “The People’s Church”, for over 33 years and has been a personal mentor to me since 1993.

Sunday, June 21: Pastor Scott Patty, planted and is now pastor of Grace Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He began to disciple me when I was 16 years old, and he’s been a counselor, confidant, and trusted friend to me and my family.

Sunday, June 28: Dr. Frank Page, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Page led our convention for years and is a gifted speaker and visionary.

Sunday, July 5: Dr. Hershael York, professor of Christian Preaching at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has authored two books and has been featured in Preaching Today magazine as one of the best preachers in North America.

Sunday, July 12: Dr. Russel Moore, evangelical theologian, ethicist, author, preacher, and president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. Dr. Moore has blessed us before and will again on that Sunday.

Sunday, July 19: Dr. Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is an author, preacher, and a Biblical cultural commentator. He will help us make sense of this strange new world being forced upon us.

While I will miss some of these Sundays, I do not plan to miss them all. These are going to be monumental moments in the life of Living Hope and I believe God is going to move mightily in our midst. Please be praying for these men. Pray that God will use them in a powerful way to bless many lives for the glory of God.

I will be back on Sunday, July 26 fired up and ready to share the truth of God’s Word!

Be praying for God’s blessing on all of these things.