To Our Church Family,

I hope you are enjoying this amazing weather and having a good week. Know that you are dearly loved by God and appreciated by your church family for all you do to make Living Hope such a special faith family. God has and is doing a special work at Living Hope.

That is why I am sending this to you. We need to talk and pray together. I feel a unique responsibility, as your pastor, to equip you and pray with you. That is the reason why Hope Together was started. On the 3rd Wednesday Night of each month, God is calling us to gather together for a special time of training, communion, and prayer.

Tonight I want to train you to understand how God is uniquely at work in your life and how God wrestles with us, just as He did Jacob in Genesis 32. It is vital that we each understand who we are in Christ and why it is we are where we are in life. There are seasons in our spiritual journey and every season has its purpose. Tonight, I want to help you see how God is at work in you and encourage and show you how to yield to His will.

We will also receive the Lord’s Supper. While we do this monthly on Sunday morning with the whole family, this remembrance will be done from the perspective of those who serve and lead in God’s church. This will be a sweet time of renewal and recommitment for those of us who serve and lead.

Lastly, we will pray. For whatever reason, God has determined to limit His work to the faith and prayers of His people. His Spirit inspires us to believe and to pray. His Word teaches us to believe and pray. His Son came to give us the name with which we are to believe and pray. His will is that we believe and pray. When we pray, God responds and does His powerful works. The extent to which a church prays will determine the extent to which God chooses to be at work.

Let me also say, I realize not everyone feels comfortable praying out loud with a group. That’s ok. There will be pastors, ministers, elders, deacons, and group leaders there who are glad to lead in prayer. You can silently pray with them and in your own heart lift up these needs to God and ask Him for the miracles we need to see Him do.

Don’t forget there is a “mission meal” at 5:30, which provides a great opportunity for you to fellowship with other believers and support those who are going on a mission trip soon. You can register for your meal here.

I do hope to see you tonight in the Fellowship Hall at 6:30.

Pastor Jason