My hope is that October 18th will be an unforgettable day that blesses hundreds of families in our congregation and throughout our city. There are two major ministries launching that day, and I am praying God begins a movement through them that leads many to live hopeful and be helpful.

The first is a new Worship Service that Living Hope will offer on Sunday mornings. Years ago, God provided the Chapel to us. This beautiful place of worship has been used by various ministries and churches over the years. It is going to be thrilling to know that God’s name will be praised, prayers will be raised, and the preaching of the Gospel will become a normal activity in that room.

More than that, we are praying that people who are accustomed to and desirous of an intimate and simple form of worship will come and celebrate the greatness of God and join our faith family. We have a huge mission, and it all begins with the glory of God. The worship that will take place in the Chapel will not be different in content. The tone and feel will be unique to the room, but the same Gospel message and similar Gospel songs will fill the sacred space of that room, as the Holy Spirit works mightily in the lives of all in attendance. Be praying for that service and begin to invite neighbors who may have been concerned in the past that Living Hope was “too big” for them. Invite them to come and join us, as we rejoice in the love of God, encourage one another, and experience the wonder and majesty of Jesus in worship.

That night, we will have a dinner and an unveiling of a new ministry that is years in the making. Five years ago, we began to talk seriously about the need to equip parents to be the primary disciple makers of their children. Parents have a difficult duty in our culture. Raising a child to be a Godly adolescent who becomes a Godly man or woman is not an easy task. There are more temptations and distractions than ever before. But our God is able! There is power in His Word and in the effectual prayers of His people.

On Sunday night, October 18th, parents will learn how the church is going to partner with them to enable them to lead their children to anchor their life and hope in Jesus in an authentic way. As they mature and develop, your children will become more and more capable of living hopeful and being helpful in Christ. The evening will begin with a time of fellowship over dinner. After dinner, I will share the vision of what we hope to see accomplished through our “Family Discipleship Ministry” and how families are going to be blessed to be a blessing. Pastor David will then introduce the main concepts of “time, moments, and milestones,” and explain what these mean for a family. From there we will break up into four groups: preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. Parents will go with their children to their age-appropriate group where our ministers and pastors will explain how the Family Discipleship Ministry will work in their respective areas. Parents will have the opportunity to learn, get great resources, and ask questions.

This is going to be a crucial night in the life of our church. We are praying that an army of healthy families raising faithful disciples of Jesus will result from this ministry. Please be sure and make plans and reserve your spot with your family.