Spiritual growth doesn’t just happen. It involves intentional pursuit of Jesus, growth like Him, and involvement with His mission. What is your plan to take your next steps to grow as a disciple of Jesus in 2016?

  • Will you keep a prayer or Bible study journal? Go ahead and grab a Moleskine or a simple spiral notebook.
  • What Bible reading plan will you use? Check out the dozens of plans on the YouVersion app and choose one.
  • Are you sharing life with a Connect Group? Be looking for info on our January on-ramp to group life. Email jeremie.wade@lhbg.org to express an interest in joining a group in your part of town.
  • What friend are you engaging in gospel conversations? Begin praying now for the Holy Spirit to provide opportunities.

We encourage you to find some time this month to think about your next step. Our Spiritual Formation Ministries are here to help you with that quest. Be looking for Living Hope’s disciple-life planning tool to help you think and pray through these and other crucial questions.