Jesus never intended the Christian life to be lived alone. He designed His people to be disciples who connect as they live His life. At Living Hope, our primary environment for this is Connect Groups. These groups are a family (6-12 people) of disciples sent to make disciples who pursue the transformation of their lives, families, and neighborhoods by the gospel of Jesus Christ. They share life, express care, help one another grow like Jesus, and pursue His gospel mission — together.

In January, we have Connect Groups beginning or with openings in the following parts of our community:

  • Greenwood/Scottsville Road
  • Three Springs
  • Plano
  • Warren Central
  • Cave Mill/Grider Pond
  • Warren East
  • Hidden River/Jody Richards
  • Cemetery Road
  • Campbell Lane

To explore your Connection, contact Adult Discipleship Pastor Jeremie Wade or by Jan 11.