Congratulations to the following families:

  • Paulson Elizabeth was born on November 30. Proud parents are Blake & Sarah Render.
  • Annabelle Cate was born on December 8. Proud parents are Jared & Ashley McGinnis.


Our sympathies go to the following families:

  • Donna Chatman in the passing of her husband, Calvin Chatman, on December 9. He was also the grandfather of Trevor and Rylie Hawkins.
  • Tracy and Stuart Hill in the passing of her father, Jerry Barrick, on December 9.
  • Betty Matheney in the passing of her husband, John Matheney, on December 12. He was also the father of Patsy Morgenthaler, Kelly Gill, and Liz Bradley. He was also the grandfather of Chrissi Ridley, Katie and Mogie Bradley.