Congratulations to the following families:

  • Conner & Heidi Willis welcomed their son, Ivan Marlin, on February 4. Congratulations to great grandparents, Jimmy and Peggy Parrott, as well.
  • Dave & Julie Mantlo welcomed their son, Noah James, on February 19.


Our sympathies go to the following families:

  • Lisa and Howie Harmon in the recent passing of her mother, Francis Marie Patterson Wood.
  • Colleen Wilhite in the passing of her stepmother, Margie White, on February 13.
  • Jim & Kathy Board in the passing of his mother, Betty Board, on February 17.
  • David & Cheryl Hume in the passing of his mother, Anna Belle Hume, on February 17.
  • Sandy & Ron Williams in the passing of her father, Robert Townsend, on February 17.