My hope is that we will see hundreds of individuals and families return to Christ or begin a new life in Christ. It will require the people of Living Hope to share the hope we have with them and help them. That is our vision! God has called us to live hopeful and be helpful and make disciples by leading more people to anchor their lives and hope in Jesus.

During the month of September, we have lots of great opportunities to share the hope we have.

On Sunday, Sept. 4, we will gather at Drakes Creek across from Phil Moore Park and see over 20 people profess their saving faith in Jesus Christ through baptism. This is an annual event and inspires me every year. Even last year, when it rained and we only had a few minutes to baptize a bunch of people. It was awesome! Come out and support these new siblings in Christ and feel free to bring friends to watch and hear stories of how God has changed each one of these lives.

On Sunday, Sept. 11, everyone needs to be in church. It was 15 years ago on that very day that the U.S. was attacked by terrorists. Thousands were killed, but many were also saved through the sacrifice of brave heroes. On that Sunday, we will be reminded of the bravest and the greatest of all heroes who left the safety of His home to enter into a dark world to save those who were perishing. Through God’s grace given to us in the Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, we are renewed today. So many of our friends and neighbors need this renewing power in their lives and relationships, so please bring them with you Sept. 11.

On Sunday, Sept. 18, we are going to have a unique experience in worship. The world we live in is a bitter, broken place, but God has provided a sweet gift. That Sunday, we are going to learn about that sweet gift and be encouraged to enjoy it and anticipate receiving more of it in the days to come. Please please please bring friends and family with you to worship that Sunday. It will be a huge encouragement and put a smile on their face.

On Sunday, Sept. 25, we are going to celebrate the goodness and sweetness of our God with snow cones (weather permitting). It will be Snow Cone Sunday!” As you leave, we want everyone to have a treat and be reminded of the goodness of refreshment of God.

We have some fun days ahead of us. These are meant to provide God with glory and us with the reminder of the hope we have. Please do not keep this hope to yourself. Share it with those you know and bring them to worship so they can experience God with our family of faith.