My hope is that our trust in God will grow significantly over the next eight weeks. Beginning Sunday, October 2, and continuing to Sunday, November 20, we will be looking at the promises of God provided in the Isaiah 49-56. Each week we will look at a chapter and see how God planned to Rescue us and promised to bring salvation and the ultimate Restoration of the world through Jesus. Life is a complicated thing. There are no guarantees in life, other than the guarantee that God loves us and that He is working out what is the very best for us and His Kingdom. What is best for us and His Kingdom is not always easy to understand, but it is always true. During this series, we will see how great and mighty God is and learn to trust Him more and more.

During these eight weeks, we will also focus on how we can join God in what He is doing in the world. Living Hope has the distinct joy and honor to have missionaries all over the world that we partner with and with whom we are able to serve God’s Gospel purpose. Throughout our city and in our world, there are people living without an understanding of the Gospel. The Lord has called each of us to tell those near us and those in far places what He has done through His Son, what He is doing, and what He is going to do. This requires that we not only share our faith, but also show our faith by giving generously to the work God is doing in the world.

On Sunday, November 6, we will receive the Gift for Christ. Each Sunday leading up to that day and a few weeks after, we will get to hear the stories of those who have gone on mission and what they have seen God doing. My prayer is that the Lord will use these stories to inspire us all to give to the work that needs to be done next year and that some who have not yet gone will go on a mission trip in 2017. These trips provide support to our missionaries and allow us to be the hands and feet to the Gospel in places where it is needed.

Please be in prayer for the Gift for Christ Offering and pray that God will raise people to go and take the Gospel where it is needed. Also, be open to the possibility that it is you who God is calling to go and be willing to go and serve His purpose.