My hope is that in 2017 we become closer as a family of faith, and we help others find a place to be loved and to belong. 

This is nothing worse than feeling like you don’t belong. There are thousands of people in our city today who are in desperate need to know that they matter and that there is a place where they can be loved and where they can have a life. Living Hope is a family of disciples making disciples. We are a family! We are a place where people are loved and can connect with other people in meaningful eternal relationships.

In 2017 we are going to understand what the Bible teaches us about the importance of relationships with God and other people. The focus of 2017 is “BETTER TOGETHER!” We are going to learn how much better our lives are when we live them together with other people God has provided. Please be in prayer for the people you know who need to be connected in our family. Please be inviting them and helping them on-ramp into relationships in our church family. Please be ready to be challenged to grow in your relational capacity and to get closer to God and to other people in meaningful ways. 

Also, let me ask you to be sure and mark a few dates on your calendar:

  1. Wednesday, January 18: Elder Call to Prayer. We will gather in the Chapel at 6:30 that night for a night of worship and prayer. We will, again, be praying for our nation. We will be between two major events: Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the presidential inauguration. We need to pray for our nation to be a nation under God, to be a nation where racism and bigotry are abolished, and where we have leaders who respect God and the life He gives.
  2. Sunday, January 22: Vision Sunday. We will be looking at what it means to be God’s people and highlighting several amazing opportunities God is giving us in 2017 to pursue our goal to “Reach 1%” of Bowling Green, to pursue our vision to be “a family of disciples making disciples,” to pursue our mission to “lead more people to anchor their life and hope in Jesus,” and to pursue our strategy to on-ramp people onto the “Disciple’s Pathway: worship, connect, serve, equip, and multiply.”
  3. Sunday, February 5: Spiritual Renewal Sunday. Over the last few months some of our members and regular attenders have stopped attending worship. This is the day we all come back to worship and remember what Jesus has done for us and what it is He is calling us to do. Please be inviting those you have not seen in church in a while to get back to worship with us on this day.