When we think of the month of February, we typically think of heart candy, chocolates, flowers, and cards that say just the right thing about the one we love. As this day creeps up on the calendar, there is much anticipation about the surprises, gifts, plans, and love that will be shown and shared, but what happens after this day is over?

Is the love still shown only through the gifts and flowers, does the love fade into the background as the responsibilities of life makes itself more prominent, do we depend upon this one special day to sustain us throughout the rest of the year, until next time?  

As believers, marriage is a beautiful example of Christ and the Church. We read in Ephesians 5:22-33 that husbands are to exhibit a sacrificial love for their wives and wives are to be submissive helpers to their husbands, modeling to others that it is good to live under the authority of God’s reign and scripture. We read this passage, we ponder the scripture and seek to apply it in our marriages, at the same time forgetting the continuous pursuit of God in our lives that should be modeled in our marriages.  

In scripture we see God’s relationship with his people being described as a covenant relationship, a marriage. Ezekiel 16:8 tells us that God covers us, makes a vow to us, enters into a covenant relationship with us, and we become his. Sounds a lot like what we do, what we say, and what we promise when we enter into marriage.  

We also read in scripture that our unfaithfulness to God is described as adultery. We see this description in the first three chapters of Hosea, but we also see God’s promise to take his people back as his wife, just as he commands Hosea to do with Gomer. What a humbling visual of the gospel and example in our marriages, that God, even though we turn away from Him, even though we sin against Him, even though we have idols which have replaced Him, He still pursues us.

Woven throughout scripture, we see a steadfast God who pursues us with grace and love, keeping His promise of the covenant relationship, with forgiveness we cannot fully understand but fully experience, gently bringing us back into a relationship with Him.  

So it goes in our marriages. We turn away from our spouses and seek other things for fulfillment and satisfaction, inviting idols into our lives and our marriages, ever so subtly, chasing the desires and idols of our hearts, without a thought of the path of destruction being left behind. It is in those moments, God reveals himself to us, using all things for our good and His glory, according to Romans 8:28. Straying in our marriages is a direct reflection of us straying away from God.  Scripture tells us to “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”  

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