Congratulations to the following families:

  • Caleb Matthew was born to Chris & Amanda Loudy on February 5.
  • Anna Belle was born to Daniel & Kayla Super on February 27.
  • Amelia Grace was born to Zach & Claire Shuffett on February 27. JK & Jennifer Shuffett are proud grandparents.


Our sympathies go to the following families:

  • Kathy & Ted Acre in the passing of her mother, Glee Lake, on February 4. She was also the grandmother of Jenn Acre.
  • Judy Keith in the passing of her husband, James “Ken” Keith, on February 8.
  • Philip and Claudia Mitchell in the passing of his mother, Nora Douglas, on February 6.
  • Brent and Amy Richey in the passing of his father, Michael Richey, on February 22. He was also the grandfather of Campbell, Reed, Charley, and Miles Richey.