God has blessed Living Hope from her inception to be a church where people of all ages can come and know the Lord and serve Him. The church has always sought to be a church where all generations are celebrated, welcomed, and cared for. During the month of May, we are going to take time to pray for parents and to celebrate our students for their academic accomplishments. We are also going to take time to give thanks to those who have served in our military and in our community in order to keep us safe.

On May 7, we will celebrate with our high school graduates. The graduates will be presented before the church and prayed for in each service. We will get to see pictures of each student, when they were little and a picture of them now, as a graduating senior. This will be a big day for our graduates and their families. They will be prayed for and commissioned in the Sunday morning services and then that night, they will have a progressive dinner that ends with dessert at the church. Please pray for these young adults and encourage them when you see them.

On May 14, we will covenant with our parents to help make disciples of their children. Moms and dads are the primary disciple makers of their children, but we, as their church, are here to help them. That morning, our parents will come forward with their children to commit themselves to raise their children to know and love Jesus. We, as their church, will commit to partner with them to pray and teach their children to know and love Jesus. This is the first step of Family Discipleship. Please be praying for these families as they begin this most important work in the world – making disciples.

On May 28, we will give honor to those who deserve honor. We will thank those who have served in our military, as well as our police officers, firefighters, and emergency first responders. We will launch our summer sermon series on serving by thanking and honoring those who have served us so well. Our choir will be leading us that morning in praise and celebration.

Speaking of the choir, as we move into a season of transition in our worship ministry, I want to clear up a recent misconception among some of our church family. Choir is not going away. While our choir will not be part of every Sunday gathering, they will serve several times each year as a regular part of our church family’s worship life. I also encourage anyone who enjoys singing to join the choir. You may not be able to participate year round. That’s ok! This is a great opportunity for you to join in and practice for a few weeks in preparation for a Sunday or special service in which the choir leads us in worship.

Our goal is to Reach 1% of Bowling Green, Kentucky. Our vision is to be a family of disciples that make disciples. Our mission is to lead more people to anchor their life and hope in Jesus. Our strategy is to get each disciple on the Disciple’s Pathway and worship, connect, serve, equip, and multiply. The Lord has provided us with a new campus, Redeemer Church. He has provided us a wonderful facility that provides worship for six languages each Sunday. But what makes a church a church is people. What makes the church effective is each member living as a missionary by living hopeful and being helpful.

I pray we will live on mission each day as disciples of Jesus.