I am hoping to see everyone at our Church Picnic on Sunday, July 9th. It’ll be held at Basil Griffin Park on Three Springs Road from 5p-dark. You’ll want to enter the park off Smallhouse Road, just across from Holy Spirit Catholic Church. With our church now worshipping at two different locations and in three different spaces, we do not get to see each other as much. This will be a fun evening to get connected or reconnected with those you serve with or have served with or are in group with and have been in group with and catch up. We see each other on Facebook and sometimes have quick conversations in the hallway, but it will be great to have some fun and food and take the time to sit and talk. I hope to see you there.

I am also hoping to see our children and their friends at FLIP. This end-of-summer bash will run each night from 6-8p from July 23-26. This is not only a great way for us to instruct and connect our kids as they prepare for school, but this is also a great opportunity to invite friends and families who don’t have a church home they attend every week. If you haven’t registered yet, go here and do it now. Spots are limited, and they’re filling up fast.

FLIP will not only be a great event for the kids, but we’re going to also have a cool training and dessert time for parents. Be on the lookout in July for ways parents can participate during Flip. And this will be a perfect opportunity to invite parents who are not in church and introduce them to Living Hope.

I am hoping to see more connections within our congregation on the Disciples’ Pathway. Our vision is to be a family of disciples that makes disciples. Our mission is to live hopeful and be helpful in order to lead more people to anchor their life and hope in Jesus. We grow as disciples in this activity by becoming worshippers through WORSHIP, family through CONNECTING, servants through SERVING, learners through EQUIPPING, and missionaries through MULTIPLYING.

As we begin to look to the fall, please assess where you are on the Disciples’ Pathway and make the decision to take a step forward.

  1. Be in worship every Sunday sitting in the same area and get to know everyone around you. Be able to identify when regulars are gone and follow up with them and also when new people are there to make sure they feel welcomed and get their free gift at Guest Connect.
  2. Get in a connect group and start digging in the word, nurturing each other’s souls, and advancing the Kingdom where you live.
  3. Find a place to serve so you are challenged and your gifts are put to Kingdom use.
  4. Get equipped in an aspect of your faith on Sunday morning or evening.
  5. Pray for and share the three circles with people where you work, live, learn, and play and make a disciple this fall.