Flip isn’t just for the kids. Each night, we have special events planned for our parents, as well. After you drop off the kids at the Rec Center, join us in the Fellowship Hall and 10/40 Café for a dessert and coffee bar. It’ll be a great chance to stop, relax, and enjoy a conversation with friends in the church.

Then at 6:30, you have a choice to participate in three parenting seminars. Local educators and staff from our Hope Center for Biblical Counseling will offer encouraging and practical help in three key areas to get you prepared for the upcoming school year.

  1. Bullying: Help Your Child Be an Agent of Kindness at School
    Bullying — verbal, physical, and even digital intimidation — continues to be a challenge for preschool and elementary students and their families. Learn how to train your child to recognize and avoid bullying behaviors, how to protect a child being bullied, or respond to being bullied themselves.
  2. Study: Help Your Child Develop the Skills They Need to Succeed at School
    Every child has a unique mixture of personality, natural interests or abilities, and preferred learning style. Learn how to discover and maximize your child’s uniqueness so they can enjoy and succeed with the learning that is ahead for them this school year.
  3. Home Source: Develop an Atmosphere of Encouragement & Peace In Your Family
    ​A relationally healthy and happy family lays a foundation for everyone to enjoy life and become all God designed them to be. Learn how to use words and actions to build each other up, develop even stronger relationships at home, deal constructively with conflict, and make your home the best place on earth for each member of your family to dream, try, fail, learn, and grow.

All three seminars will be offered each night (Sunday-Tuesday), so you can attend all three. The coffee, desserts, and seminars are all FREE! To register for the seminars, sign up online.