Congratulations to the following families:

  • Zach & Sara Harris welcomed their son, Hunter Michael, on June 14. Proud grandparents are Michael & Leigha Harris.
  • Khris & Sara Beth Leviner welcomed their son, Miller Troy, on June 15. Proud grandparents are Mike & Gail Barnett.
  • Ty & Susan Megahee welcomed their son, Mason Gene, on July 17.
  • Brad & Jennifer Cooper welcomed their daughter, Caroline Grace, on July 19.
  • Richard & Madison Cohen welcomed their daughter, Elsie Marie, on July 19. Proud grandparents are Larry & Debbie Cohen.
  • Mike and Amanda Costellow on the birth and adoption of their son, Joseph Bowden, born August 1.
  • Tad & Jenny Pardue welcomed their son, Harry, on August 6.


Our sympathies go to the following families:

  • Nathan and Lara Mattingly in the recent passing of his grandmother, Helen Kavanaugh.
  • Betty Wyatt, who passed away August 9.
  • Casey and David Stephens in the passing of her father, Perry Tabor, on August 14.