Please meet the Galilee Karen Baptist Fellowship, one of our 3 international venues. This fellowship is a group of Karen speaking refugees who fled from the country of Burma to Thailand refugee camps. During civil war in Burma, there was slavery imposed on the Karen as well as an environment of genocide. After years of hardship in Burma and, subsequently, in the refugee camps, the Karen were able to leave Thailand and find refuge in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Po Khu is the leader of the Karen fellowship. He and a group of other leaders approached Living Hope for space to meet. After discussion, it became evident that they desired to become part of Living Hope. This means that the Karen fellowship operates under the authority of Living Hope, and the congregation aligns with Living Hope in the areas of beliefs, covenant membership, and financial practices.

When Po Khu and the leaders first approached us, there were 40 people in their fellowship. The fellowship launched in the LH Student Center on July 30 at 2p with 140 worshippers. Since the launch, they have averaged more than 100 people each week!

Please join me in praying for Po Khu and the Galilee Karen Baptist Fellowship. Pray that God would use the Karen and Living Hope to reach the 1% of Bowling Green and Warren County, including the non-Christian Karen people.