Each week, up to 45 refugees from East Africa gather to worship the Living God on Saturdays at 11:30a in room 224. These Africans are led by Pastor Pierre, and they worship, sing, and speak in their native language, Swahili.

This East African fellowship is a wonderful group of people who have seen very hard times. They fled for their lives during genocide in their countries, and God brought them to Bowling Green where they have found each other and Living Hope Baptist Church. As they joyfully worship God every week, they also have become part of our church family. It is a joy to walk with them and assist them as they find their way in a foreign land.

If you have contact with Africans where you live, work, or play, please point them or bring them to the Living Hope East African fellowship. Our desire is to see every African in Bowling Green and Warren County become disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.