My hope is…

God will move Living Hope to step up and send missionaries and go on mission like never before!

The world is a broken place. Pain is everywhere. We have hurting lost people here in our city and in remote parts of the world. While we cannot do everything, we can do something to live hopeful and be helpful in order to lead more people to anchor their life and hope in Jesus. One of the ways we can help is by giving financially to the Gift for Christ and going on mission where God is at work in the world.

Living Hope is blessed to have a Local Impact ministry. This ministry is led by Pastor Benny Stofer. Benny oversees the Recreation Center, partners with our international venue churches here on our campus, coaches our Redeemer Campus, looks for opportunities to plant new campuses, and leads our Local Impact Board to resource needs in our city with money and people. We give to many Gospel-centered ministries, and we send people to serve our city and share the Gospel. The Gift for Christ provides money, which creates opportunities for the Gospel to spread across our city through our people.

Living Hope is also blessed to have a Global Impact ministry. This ministry is led by Pastor Clay Mullins. Clay oversees our partnerships with our national church plants and international missionaries. Every work God has called us to be involved with is different. Each church plant and missionary partner has a different set of needs. Clay works with our Global Impact Board to assess these needs with our partners and determine how we can best help them. The Gift for Christ provides the money needed to get our people to where God is at work through our partners so that the Gospel spreads to the ends of the earth.

Please pray for the Gift for Christ. Pray that Living Hope will be generous. Pray about your financial gift and about going on a trip in 2019 to serve God’s purpose through your life.

Jesus is going to return. Once He comes back, the work will be done. We will not have the opportunity to go in His name and bring light and dispel darkness. While we can, let’s give and go for the glory of God. Great is the reward of those who give generously and go faithfully.