My hope is that…

June 9 will be a special celebration we will not forget! That is Pentecost Sunday. It is the birthday of the church. It is the day the Holy Spirit came to dwell in us according to the promises of Ezekiel 36:26-27 and Joel 2:28-29. We have spent the last several weeks learning about the Holy Spirit and His miraculous work in the lives of those that believe. Don’t miss Sunday, June 9! It is going to be the first time we have celebrated Pentecost, and I hope it will become a tradition for us.

It is also my hope that many children and students will come to saving faith and a stronger faith during summer camp this month. Our children, middle schoolers, and high schoolers will all be going to camp in June. This is a special time in the life of these children and their parents. Pray that all who go to camp will return saved and growing in Christ. Pray that the families of these children will become beacons of hope in their neighborhoods.

Be in prayer as we begin a new summer series on June 16, Cures for the Common Soul. We are going to look at the many things that can cause our souls to be contaminated. The world is not as it should be. It is broken. We are living in bodies that are still loyal to the ways of the world, and we have a host of evil, fallen angels that want us to fail. We must remain steadfast in our faith. In this series, we will learn how the Gospel heals us from the common diseases that contaminate our souls and how it is we can live as healthy families and in faith-sharing friendships.

Please continue to pray for Revival. Beginning June 2, we will begin offering a devotion (more information here) that you can use at dinner time with your family and/or friends. It is a discussion starter concerning our prayer focus for each week. It will stimulate both Godly conversation and prayer. Please use it and keep praying for revival with your family and friends.