My hope is that…

God is going to work through FLIP to transform children’s lives and entire families.

FLIP is this month! It’s practically here. The kids will be exploring God’s goodness and celebrating a ferocious faith. Join us for five days of exciting, interactive classes that help kids understand through all of life’s circumstances, God is good! Don’t forget to invite your friends and neighbors to join us! This event is an outreach for the entire community.

This year, I am going to spend some special time with one of our children. A child who attends all five nights of FLIP will get to go on an adventure with me in my Jeep to Pelican’s Snoballs (date TBD). We’ll draw the name the last night of FLIP, so make plans to be a part of this exciting week and pray that many will be saved and that families will grow stronger in Christ.

Crew leaders are still needed to make this a great week for our kids. No preparation is needed, just a willingness to interact and join in the fun! A mandatory volunteer meeting will be held July 14 to fully equip you with everything you need to make this a memorable week for you and all of the kids! You don’t want to miss it! For more information and to register, sign up online or visit Next Connect on Sunday mornings.

One thing that makes FLIP different than a typical VBS is the fact that there is parental training available. Classes will be offered each night (Sun-Wed) in the Fellowship Hall during FLIP, and each of them will be recorded if you are volunteering or can not make it. The class schedule is listed below:

Sunday night: Fortnite & Snapchat & Smartphones, Oh My: Your Child & Technology
Few things have more shaping power over children in our culture than technology. Since it will impact their thinking, relationships (including with parents), schooling, and above all, their spiritual life, it’s crucial that parents develop their own convictions about it.

Monday night: The Power of a Moment
Training children to live in a way that honors Jesus doesn’t just happen by getting them to church on Sunday mornings. Be ready to seize the opportunity for significant conversations that arise spontaneously in the normal flow of everyday life.

Tuesday night: Getting Your Child Set for Their Best Year at School
The first two or three weeks of school can set the trajectory for the whole year. Experienced educators will recommend what parents should focus on with their children for a great start to the new school year.

Wednesday night:  Open Q & A with Parent Panel
All parents think their challenge with their child is unique and weird. It’s not!  Bring your questions for an open discussion with a panel of experienced parents.