My hope is…

that we will make the most of 2020 and truly see what God can do. 

Already, we are entering the second month of 2020. This year is passing by. This year at Living Hope, we are seeking to understand what God can do and join Him in His work in the world. We know the world is not as it should be. We also know that God has come to rescue a people for Himself and is bringing new life to all who repent and believe the Gospel.  

Given the fact that God is at work in the world, we are asking Him to bring about a great awakening in southern Kentucky. Please join in prayer with the entire church family of Living Hope every single day. Ask God to cause a great awakening. What does an awakening look like? It looks like life change. God is changing the lives of those who repent and believe the Gospel. This life change is what we are learning about on Sunday morning when we gather for worship. Come and learn how God changes the lives that are being impacted with the hope of Jesus. Pray for this life change. Pray for this awakening to happen in the lives of the people of southern Kentucky. 

To help us join God in His work, we are undertaking a massive disciple-making effort. Using a simple conversation guide called Three Big Things and a discipleship tool called The Disciple’s Life, it is my prayer that every member of Living Hope will experience one-on-one discipleship. The majority of our leaders reported that they have never been intentionally discipled by another person. Most have gone through programs in the church, but very few have enjoyed the fellowship and accountability that the Bible describes, and that happens in one-on-one discipleship. It will take a while for every member to experience this one-on-one discipleship, but please be praying for the leaders who are beginning the training now. Pray they will pass it on to others who will be qualified to pass it on to another generation. This is the way of Jesus (2 Timothy 2:2). 

Know that I am praying for each of you. We all are fighting battles in our lives, but we do not have to fight them alone. Be sure you are gathering with the church for worship every Sunday to praise, to pray, and to respond to the preaching of God’s Word. Make time for daily Bible study and prayer. Find a place to serve and get connected in a small group. These basic acts of obedience will help us grow in Christ and empower us to impact our homes, our neighbors, and every generation with the hope of Jesus.